11th Sep 2011

Entire set of Daft Punk performing at Vegoose (2007 Alive Tour)

This was definitely the time to watch Daft Punk: right before they disappeared from the public eye, right before they got overhyped, and back when tickets to their show only cost $30.  Now that I think about it, they only used half of the LA Sports Arena for the show, and even still it didn’t get close to max capacity (proving point about getting overhyped).

- This year they toured with Ratatat, therefore that was the year I was introduced to Ratatat.
- They also toured with SebastiAn + Kavinsky.. I remember they played a remix of RATM’s “Killing in the Name Of” and I just lost it.
- The entire audience lost their heads during the encore performance. The image of their backs turned with the Daft Punk logo glowing will forever be imprinted into my memory.

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